The Environment – You Don’t Care If You’re Not Vegan


People that say they care about the environment yet aren’t vegan make me both laugh and cringe.

If you so much as even care about the environment remotely and still consume animal products then you are one of the dumbest, most ignorant motherfuckers. Animal agriculture alone is the cause of 91% of all Amazon deforestation and for every second you spend reading this article 1-2 acres will be destroyed to exploit and eventually kill animals. If you’re interested in reducing deforestation and still use animal products you need to pull your head out your arse and realise that you contribute way more through animal products than you do by printing too much at work.

Another thing that makes me laugh is all the people that take short showers to ‘save water’ and then go out for lunch and have a burger. It’s good to save water but come on, you eat animal products, that’s basically contradicting yourself. To make 1 single burger we have to use 3000 litres of water in the full process which is the same as showering for two whole months. Feel like you might’ve got the wrong end of the stick? If we look at it further we learn that the meat and dairy industry alone uses a third of the earths fresh water supply. Imagine how we could eradicate water shortages worldwide by removing the demand for meat and dairy and instead directing the resources to tackling widespread starvation, drought and death.

It’s not just the environment that matters…

Not only do we need to stop eating animal products for the environment but we need to do it to save the staggering 795 million people dying of starvation every year and the 2.6 million children who die every day because of hunger-related causes. 1.2 billion people are living in extremely poverised conditions (under $1.25 a day) and yet, governments still think they need to send billions of $ to address the issue. The way to address the problem isn’t through money, the way to end starvation is to stop wasting your time breeding, feeding and slaughtering thousands of animals each year.  If all the fat americans got over the deadly obsession for meat then they wouldn’t need to complain about ‘giving all their money away to help other countries’:

“On the land required to produce 1 kg of meat, about 200 kg of potatoes could be produced! If all Americans would consume only 10% less meat, the amount of economized corn could feed 1 billion people!”

If we were able to even convince a small percentage of the world population (around 10%) to go vegan the demand for animal products would decrease so rapidly leading to the 1 billion people living on the poverty line not have to worry about the struggle of food day-in, day-out. Yet somehow people still think the only way to tackle it is pumping money at them because they’re too scared to admit they need to stop being lazy fucks and eating all their fatty burgers.

Lets face it, animal agriculture uses 45% of the whole earths available land which is a staggering amount, especially considering how may whine about how we’re ‘running out of space’. Imagine all the crops and food we could grow for the starving people worldwide.

World leaders have been trying to find the solution to end starvation, drought, deforestation etc for years no. The only way they know to ‘tackle’ it is to send aid packets, yet they continue to pump millions of dollars supporting the industries that cause all of the above problems. The solution is black and white, realistically we can’t expect the whole world to turn vegan (too many ignorant fucks) but even a 10-15% would mean the end to all those problems.

“A person who follows a vegan diet produces an eleventh less CO2, uses eleventh the oil, a thirteenth the water and a eighteenth the land compared to a meat eater.”

A plant based diet is the only sustainable solution to end all the problems.

Infographic showing how detrimental the animal agricultural industry is
The animal agriculture industry seriously fucks us up.

Why don’t we do it then?

The problem is that the animal agricultural industry is too powerful. They essentially have power in most of the major governments, often control the food advisory messages and canvas mass support. It’s also been documented that people who speak out openly on the industry on a regular basis are threatened and there has been one case of someone even being assassinated because of speaking out.


Regardless of the industries current power,  the people have the power and if more people choose to become vegan then it means the industry will have less support. Less support and all of the issues will see a viable outcome and soon enough we will see these issues become problems of the past. We need to spread the message and let people know that being vegan is the best option for everyone, if they’re interested in the environment then the one infographic you need to show them is this. If we want a sustainable future the answer is simple, all people need to do is replace animal products with those that comes from plants.


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