Notts County Player Goes Vegan To Improve Football Performance

shaun drisley

Shaun Brisley has revealed how turning vegan has led to some of the best performances of his career. Claiming it’s made him less tired and the fittest he’s ever been.

Notts County has gone from strength to strength this season, with the team now sitting second in the League Two table.

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Talking to the Nottingham Post, Brisley described his experience of being plant-based so far.

“It’s something I tried at the start of this season,” he said.

“I gave up meat and it’s the best I’ve ever felt playing football so I’ve stuck at it and I’ve got no thoughts of going back.

“I feel it is helping me with my performances and it’s the most I’ve enjoyed playing.

“It’s something my missus introduced me to because she’s done it for a while now so I did some research and thought I’d give it a go if it can improve me as a player and a person.”

“I never really feel tired,” he continued.

“It’s been a few seasons since I’ve played as many games in this amount of times.

“I keep knocking the games off and I feel as good as I have ever been.

The Notts County defender also claims the change in diet has led to increased energy levels.

“In pre-season I came back to Carlisle for the first couple of weeks and it’s the fittest I’ve ever felt.

“The staff there picked up on it and it’s helped the start to the season I’ve had.

“Some of the lads in the dressing room have taken an interest in it, but it’s each to their own.

“I wouldn’t push them into doing it.” 

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