Numerous Companies Ditch Badger Hair After PETA Exposé


A horrific exposé by vegan charity PETA into the badger hair industry has resulted in multiple big-name companies pledging to ditch the product.

The investigation by PETA Asia was the first of its kind, and encompassed Chinese badger-hair farms and live markets visited as recently as August.

The disturbing footage showed workers beating badgers over the head before slitting their throats.

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PETA’s footage showed that one badger continued to move for an entire minute after having its throat cut, and another was missing a foot.

Badger hair is used for paint, makeup, and shaving brushes.

Companies that have pledged to ditch the cruel material include Proctor & Gamble, Bonanza, and Beau Brummel.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement:

“Beau Brummell was quick to respond after learning that gentle badgers were caged and beaten to death for shaving brushes,”

“PETA urges shoppers and retailers to follow this company’s compassionate lead and stick to soft and luxurious synthetic bristles that no animal suffered for.”

Synthetic brushes are readily available both online and in stores.

Badgers are extremely social animals, who construct elaborate underground systems, which are used for generations.

On the exposed Chinese farms, the Badgers were confined to tiny wire cages and exposed to the harsh elements.


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