Oatly To Open Its First Factory In The US

The new facility will mean many more Oatly products can be sold in the US.


Swedish vegan milk brand Oatly has begun construction on its first production facility in the US, which will increase its production capacity eightfold.

Located in Millville, NJ, the 19,000-square-foot facility will allow Oatly to constant supply to retailers across the US.

The facility will be located in a former plumbing supply warehouse and is believed to cost several million dollars.

UK Experiences 30% Increase In Sales Of Plant-Based Milk

Currently, Oatly supplies its products to the US thanks to a Canadian firm producing its proprietary oat base.

Oatly was introduced to US consumers in 2016, and General Manager Mike Messersmith now says that demand far outstrips their current production capacity.

Messersmith said:

“We hope that’s only the start,”, adding “We want to continue growing our business.”

Oatly was founded in Sweden back in the 1990’s, and can now be found in more than 20 countries across the world.

It uses a patented enzyme technology to create a plant-based milk perfectly designed for human consumption.

Currently, Oatly only offers non-dairy milk products within the US.

However, with the new production facility, it is expected that international products, such as vegan oat yogurt, oat cream, ice cream, dairy-free canned lattes, and creme fraiche, will be available soon.

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