OFFICIAL: The Nando’s Vegan Burgers Are Here


Yesterday, rumours circulating on social media pointed to two new vegan burgers. That has now been officially confirmed by Nando’s

The two new vegan options will go on sale today from any Nando’s outlet.

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Nando’s said: “Veggie Nando’s fans rejoice as not one but two new vegetarian options hit the menu. Whether it’s the Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger, packed full of the good stuff like sweet potato, butternut, red pepper, onion and edamame beans, or the Supergreen Burger, combining everything from broccoli to edamame beans to kale, veggie fans are in for a treat. Available as a burger, pitta or wrap, these winter-blues banishers are sure to be a hit!”

While Nando’s don’t mention that the burgers are vegan, from the ingredients it looks as though they are.

The prices will be as follows (on its own, with one regular side, with two regular sides): 

Unlike many vegan option announcements, these new vegan options will be available in stores as of today! That means no waiting around, you can pop into your local Nando’s and get new vegan deliciousness ASAP.

These new vegan options are fantastic news and follow on from fellow highstreet restaurants such as Wagamama’s, Zizzi’s and Pizza Express, who have all expanded their vegan options.

The Sweet Potato sounds like it could be my new favourite, and as someone who hasn’t had peri peri chips in far too long, I may just visit sometime soon!

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