OFFICIAL: Tesco Launch Vegan Ready Meals In 600 Stores

tesco vegan ready meals

It has today been confirmed that Tesco is unveiling its brand new range of vegan ready meals, which will be available in 600 stores across the UK. The brand, ‘Wicked Kitchen’, has been created in collaboration with plant-based chef Derek Sarno.

The range will include 11 vegan ready meals, and nine ‘to go’ options. The ready meals include items such as naked burritos, two different pizzas, and Muay Thai curry.

The to go range offers creative alternatives for lunch, with items such as a gluten-free rainbow curry bowl and a Carrot Pastrami-Spiced Wrap.

Chef Sarno told Plant Based News“Plant-based options on the shelf should not only pack punchy, bold, flavours but be visually beautiful and celebrate what real food should taste like. 

“We use whole humble ingredients, ninja skills and techniques, and attention to detail to bring something that appeals to all diets. 

“Our line just happens to be fully plant-based.  Win/Win/Win!”

tesco vegan ready meals

Sarno believes that by partnering up with Tesco, they can open up the market of plant-based food to a huge audience, who would normally not have too many options.

Tesco too believes that this range will help veganism become more mainstream;

“Recognizing this growing trend, Tesco and Derek want to bring the plant-based market from niche to mainstream with delicious ready meals, salads, and sandwiches that lead with flavour, crush hunger and tantalize the taste buds.”

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