Opinion: We Tried The New VEGAN Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream In The UK


At their outlet in Soho, press gathered to taste Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream which will be available from the end of September.

We were able to find out some more details and try the three new flavours arriving on UK shores.

Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter and Cookies are the flavours that will be immediately available in the U.K.

The ice cream is now the first non-dairy, fairtrade ice cream in the world, taking 4 years and 50 batches to create.

The vegan ice cream will be found in major supermarkets nationwide, meaning it will become one of the most accessible vegan ice creams.

Along with that, the brand plans to install an online, non-dairy locator so customers can find their nearest vegan ice cream easily.

Vegan Ben and Jerry’s first launched in the US last year, with the ice cream expanding over the whole of North America while more recently being sold in Europe as well.

Our standout thought on the new ice cream was just how similar it was to how we remember typical dairy ice cream. Perfect for those wanting a near identical substitute.

Omnis often complain that vegan ice creams are never as creamy compared with regular ice-cream, however, the vegan Ben and Jerry’s is near identical to how we remember the non-vegan flavours.

All three flavours were rich and creamy with the chunks being reminiscent of the originals

Vegan Ben and Jerry’s will be sold across the UK and will roll out at the end of September.


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