Orange Is The New Black Star Goes Vegan!

orange is the new black

Orange Is The New Black has been taking over our screens ever since it first aired on Netflix, making its cast superstars. One of which is ‘Taystee’, played by Danielle Brooks.

Her switch to the vegan lifestyle was announced across her social media, talking about her delicious vegan home made Pad Thai on Twitter and pictures of vegan food on her Instagram stories.

The caption read:

“Vegan life! Day nine of the rest of my life??”

orange is the new black

It’s fantastic to see that Danielle is looking at this as a potential way to live the rest of her life, and that she is keen to show her followers how she is doing.

Although she hasn’t yet told her followers why she has made the switch, films such as What The Health have been turning many celebs vegan recently, including super star Ne-yo. 

We wish Danielle all the best and look forward to seeing more of her food!

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