Our Disregard For The Environment Has Started The End Of The World

disregard for the environment
A pine forest is clearcut save for a small island of trees

The true disregard for the environment

Every year Earth Hour comes around and we all turn our light off for an hour. There’s 8759 more hours of the year, but rarely anymore serious thought for the environment. The blatant disregard for the environment continues as we get deeper and deeper in the hole.

While this isn’t a dig at Earth Hour, it’s worth realising that Earth Hour wont be saving the day (aka planet Earth).

It’s also worth noting that humans aren’t good for the planet and as a result the environment is deteriorating at an ever increasing rate.

Marine life, rainforests and almost all species of animals and insects are being continually harmed and weakened by human kind.

disregard for the environment

The answer? To turn off the lights for an hour? To reduce our shower times? This obviously isn’t the solution so why are we repetitively told it is?

And yes, Earth Hour is awesome, it makes us more aware and conscious of our electrical usage.

This isn’t enough.

It’s time to tackle things such as water usage, mass species extinction, deforestation, starvation and of course climate change.

disregard for the environment

I can assure you turning off the lights isn’t the solution.

We need a solution

So what is it?

You can say “oh just another crazy vegan”, but the hard facts are black and white. They’re starting to hit home in more and more people every time a species is lost, temperatures rise or we lose thousands more acres of rainforest.

Going vegan would tackle so many world and environmental issues yet there’s no high level promotion of the lifestyle or the huge benefits.

Just look at the water and land usage of trying to support a world that eats animal products.

disregard for the environment
Agricultural use put domestic and industrial in the shade. Aniaml Agricultures uses 2/3 of all fresh water.
disregard for the environment
Saving the world and stopping world hunger? But vegans are terrorists right?

While, yes, shorter showers will save water, it certainly wont save as much as if you skip out on eating animal products. In fact, 1 burger is the equivalent of not showering for 2 whole months. Just let that sink in.

Why aren’t messages like this spread on a wide scale by governments?

Isn’t it crazy to think billions are poured into initiatives that are minimally effective? Why don’t we put this money into an initiative that will change the world.

We may joke ‘when will the Earth end’ but the sad truth is that ‘doomsday’ has already begun. It’s not a meteor, an ice age or nuclear war. It’s humans slowly suffocating and destroying every living thing on planet Earth.

The only way to stop it is with drastic changes.


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