Pamela Anderson Told Melania Trump To Dress More Compassionately


Former Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, is a well-known vegan and animal rights activist. She has always been passionate about promoting compassion and has revealed her latest attempts at making other celebrities more ethically aware.

Kylie Jenner teases fans with the prospect of going vegan.

Pamela Anderson appeared on Good Morning Britain, explaining how she had written to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, asking her to ditch fur.

“Kim has a great heart, but she’s an influencer with millions of followers, and she should choose not to wear fur.” 

“But you shouldn’t be cruel to someone when you’re telling them not too cruel. I wrote her a letter, but I’ve had no response yet.”

The actress also explained she had communications with First Lady Melania Trump over her clothing choices.

“I’ve also talked to Melania (Trump) as well to dress more compassionately.”

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