Papa John’s Urged To Add Vegan Cheese To Menu

Papa John's are being urged by consumers to add vegan cheese to their menu.

papa john's

Pizza chain Papa John’s is being urged by vegan and dairy-free customers in the UK to add vegan cheese to its menu.

A new petition and campaign run by animal rights organization Animal Aid and vegan site Vegan Food UK urges the chain to consider adding vegan cheese to its pizzas.

Papa John’s is one of the few remaining pizza chains in the UK which does not offer vegan cheese on its products.

Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Dominoes, Zizzi and many other high street names all offer vegan cheese as a permanent addition to their menus.

Animal Aid campaign manager Tod Bradbury in a statement:

“Papa John’s is perhaps the only major pizza chain in the UK not to offer a vegan cheese alternative, despite the evident demand for plant-based products,”

“Most other pizza chains have recognised this,” 

“And have started to offer vegan cheese, and so we are calling on Papa John’s not to get left behind and to follow suit. Pizza without cheese just isn’t the same.”

Papa John’s base sauce and pizza base are reported to already be safe for vegans.

The growth of dairy-free and vegan cheese has also been seen in the rise of vegan pizzas being sold within supermarkets.

Waitrose now sells the Pizza Express vegan Giardinera, along with four of its own brand vegan pizzas.

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