Parents Who Feed Their Children Vegan Should Be Proud, Not Embarrassed


Feeding your child vegan is portrayed as evil and dangerous in the media.

In reality, it’s something to be proud of.

For all the parents out there who feed their children a vegan diet, they should be proud they do so.

With the harsh media attention veganism receives, there’s pressure from every side not to feed your children a vegan diet.

Even more so, in recent weeks the media reported that a mother had been sentenced to prison for making her child sick by only feeding her a vegan diet.

The problem wasn’t the vegan diet, it was simply a mother misfeeding her child.

It happens regularly in families that consume an animal product diet but their media doesn’t jump on it and report ‘Omnivore mother sentenced to prison after ONLY feeding child animal products’.

The portrayal vegans get in the media is usually negative and that strongly influences other people’s opinions. As such, those who want to or do feed their children a vegan diet have to live with constant questioning.

Actually, you’re probably lucky if that someone is asking you questions.

Feeding a child a vegan diet typically invokes a response of anger, confusion, and frustration from those who aren’t vegan. More often than not, they’ll tell you it’s dangerous or that you’re forcing your own beliefs on that child.

Isn’t that what they’re doing as a non-vegan? Forcing their ‘beliefs’ on their children and forcing them to eat animal products?

While we’re on this topic, did you know consuming milk and dairy at a young age is considered the number one cause of Type 1 diabetes? How’s that for dangerous?

The negative response parents receive isn’t helped by the bias of the media. Every single time a negative event takes place around veganism, it’ll be shared simply as “veganism = bad”.

Take the same negative event that might occur around a meat-eater and I can guarantee they won’t focus on the fact they consume animal products.

Until the bias stops, the public’s general opinion of eating vegan and especially feeding your child vegan will continue to be negative.

The only way to change it is for more parents to feed their children a vegan diet and remove the stereotype that eating vegan is bad.

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