PETA Credits Okja For Surge In ‘Vegan’ Google Searches


According to animal rights group PETA, the current surge in ‘vegan’ Google searches is a result of the film Okja.

Okja tells the story of a ‘superpig’ who has been genetically modified to feed as many people as possible.

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Okja is taken from its companion, Mila, at which point an adventure to get her back commences, uncovering the truth and horror behind animal agriculture.

okja peta

Many have since claimed the film inspired them to go vegan.

The 6 weeks following the film’s launch in May, saw Google search trends rise by 65 percent for the term ‘vegan’.

PETA’s Vice President Colleen O’Brien told VegNews: “In July alone, PETA received more than 21,000 requests for our vegan starter kits—double the number of an average month.

“These powerful films are creating a new generation of vegans, one screening at a time.”

While Okja is to thank for the surge, the documentary What The Health was also launched on Netflix in June, adding to the popularity an interest in veganism.


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