Why PETA’s Dog Milk Advert Is Just So Amazing


PETA has always been in the public eye, often for rather controversial stunts. However, PETA’s dog milk advert has been making its rounds on social media, and it’s pretty clear why. For vegans, it’s hilarious. For milk drinkers, it’s eye-opening, and a little bit disgusting.

Check it out here:

The basic concept is; film mild drinkers trying a ‘new brand of milk’. Then, let them know it’s actually dog milk (which I’m guessing it’s really plant milk). Cue disgust, anger and confusion by the milk drinkers.

So why is PETA’s dog milk advert so effective? It puts into perspective for non-vegans just how fucking weird it is to drink cows milk. Why is it socially acceptable to drink the milk of a cow, but lose your mind if it’s from another animal?

peta's dog milk advert

In other countries they drink camel and buffalo milk, and I’ve seen a video of a kid drinking straight from a dogs nipples. Imagine if people were as disgusted with cow’s milk as they were with this.

We are the ONLY species that drinks the breast milk of another animal, truly think about that for a minute. We don’t even drink our own species breast milk beyond infancy. Yet, drinking another species is ok?

peta's dog milk advert

Not only is it odd to drink another animals breast milk, it is inherently wrong. This milk is not designed for our consumption, and is full of nasties such as pus and blood, which is filtered out before our consumption. Cows milk is designed to grow a tiny calf to a full-sized cow in a matter of months, think of the growth hormones needed for that.

The main thing about this advert, is the perspective that it gives. It makes those who drink milk look at our culture in a different way. Why we don’t drink milk might be weird, but it’s for the same reasons that they don’t drink dog milk, cat milk or camel milk.

It’s just really, really weird.


  1. Are you intentionally misleading people or are you really that ignorant? “We are the ONLY species that drinks the breast milk of another animal, truly think about that for a minute.” Did you gain all your understanding of animal behavior from Disney cartoons? Cats, dogs, rats, raccoons, possums, pigs, monkeys, or in short ALL MAMMALS THAT ARE PREDATORS OR OMNIVORES WILL CONSUME THE MILK OF OTHER MAMMALS IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY.

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