PETA’s Sexiest Vegans 2017 REVEALED!

peta's sexiest vegans

PETA loves celebrating good looking vegans, from their vegan next door competition to sexiest celebrity, everyone loves a beautiful vegan. PETA’s sexiest vegans 2017 have been announced, and this year the title goes to 3 Hollywood babes.

Runners up included Jessica Lange, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Pffeifer and Kate McKinnon.

Maggie Q

PETA's sexiest vegans

Designated survivor star Maggie Q has been seen campaigning for animal rights time and time again. From protesting against Canada Goose to promoting veganism to help the environment, she has done countless work for PETA and looks stunning in the process.

Ruby Rose

PETA's sexiest vegans

Ruby Rose is possibly one of the coolest women on TV right now, and now she’s also one of PETA’s sexiest vegans. Ruby has been an animal activist for many years, and like Maggie has done lots of inspiring work for PETA.

Ruby has also been campaigning against fur from as far back as 2011, appearing on MAXIM Australia completely naked as part of an anti-fur campaign.

Jenna Dewan Tatum

PETA's sexiest vegans

Jenna has been meat free almost her entire life, and continues to promote a plant-based lifestyle. She regularly sings praise of how her vegan diet keeps her in shape, and does a fantastic job of selling the perks of eating plant-based.

Appearing in magazines such as Natural Health and Women’s Health, she helps show others that you can be compassionate as well as sexy. 

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