Pizza Express To Ban Plastic Straws From All Restaurants

The chain currently uses 1.8 million straws in London alone.

pizza express straws

Pizza Express, one of the largest restaurant chains in the UK, has announced it will stop using plastic straws and instead switch to a biodegradable replacement.

The chain, which operates 460 restaurants across the UK, currently uses 1.8 million straws in London alone and said it began questioning the use of plastic straws after receiving a letter from a girl called Ava.

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The straws will be phased out this summer and will be replaced with biodegradable and recyclable paper versions.

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Pizza Express told The Evening Standard: “We are very conscious of the detrimental impact of plastics on wildlife and the environment. We are proud to support the Evening Standard’s The Last Straw Campaign. We — and on behalf of Ava — congratulate them on continuing to raise awareness and inspire positive change across the industry.”

The move comes as other major brands are stepping up their efforts to reduce plastic waste and help the environment.

Pret A Manger has announced its plan to reduce plastic in stores, Iceland has pledged to become the first plastic-free supermarket and the Government has announced a 25-year plan to protect the environment.

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