BREAKING: Pizza Hut To Launch Vegan Cheese Nationwide


From Monday, Pizza Hut will launch vegan cheese at restaurants across the UK.

Their eight-week trial is reported to be a huge success, with the brand hoping to capitalise on the growing demand for accessible vegan pizza.

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For £1 extra, customers will now be able to switch any regular cheese for Violife vegan cheese. According to one employee, the pizza chain will only make the option available at their restaurant outlets and vegan cheese will not be available for delivery orders.

The 8-week trial took place at five locations: Canterbury, Crawley, Bluewater, Thanet and Chatham but has proven so popular the pizza chain will now roll out the change nationwide.

Vegans went in their masses to support the vegan cheese trial at the Pizza Hut locations, and it seems they’ve recognised the demand.

It’s now expected they will make the official announcement with more details on Monday.

Until the official confirmation, I urge you to contact your local store before visiting to ensure they have stock of the cheese.

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