BREAKING: Pizza Hut Launches Vegan Pizzas

pizza hut

Pizza Hut has agreed to add vegan cheese to their pizzas. While they haven’t embraced veganism fully, they’re willing to give it a try.

From Monday 2nd October, until Sunday 26th November 2017 Pizza Hut restaurants will be able to switch in Violife vegan cheese instead of their regular cheese.

New Veggie Pret set to be launched before the end of the year!

Pizza Hut is keeping the trial small, only a handful of Pizza Hut restaurant locations will be able to accommodate you during the trial.

During the 8 week trial period, simply walk into any of the restaurants below and ask that they switch the regular cheese for vegan cheese on a standard base.

The participating locations are:

The more people going into Pizza Hut and requesting the vegan option, the more likely they’ll be adding the option across all chains.

*Note: The trial applies to the restaurants only and not delivery.



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