Plant-Based Startup Aleph Farms Develops Clean-Meat Steak

aleph foods steak

Aleph Farms, an Israel-based clean meat startup, has announced it has developed a structural platform to create 3D clean meat such as cultured steak.

The startup believes it now has the capability to produce 3D ‘chunks’ of meat. Previously grounds of meat were the limit for clean meat startups as the technology to build the 3D structural nature of a steak had not yet been developed.

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“It has been a major hurdle to mimic meat’s many properties, such as texture, shape, juiciness, and flavour,” Aleph Farms Co-Founder Shulamit Levenberg said.

“Our use of the four cell types found in conventional cuts of meat, including vascular and connective tissues, is the key to a product that will be closer to the beef that people crave.”

Aleph Farms was founded in 2017 with the help of a tech incubator and shares competitors such as JUST, Memphis Meats and Finless Foods.

“Consumers—especially millennials and flexitarians—care about animal welfare and the environment,” Aleph Farms CEO Didier Toubia said.

“At the same time, they want to eat juicy, indulgent steak—not just ‘protein.’ Our goal is to help these consumers adhere to their personal standards while getting to enjoy safe, sustainable meat.”

Clean meat and plant-based foods are becoming powerful markets, earlier this year Canada announced they were set to invest $150 million in the plant-based market while almost all high-profile corporations have begun to diversify into a plant-based market.

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