The Political Party That Wants To Make Animal Agriculture Illegal


V-Party3 are a newly established German political party. In the land of pork and sausages, veganism is booming and it’s seen rise to the country’s first vegan political party.

The party is led by chairperson Ronald Wegner and aims for a radical overhaul of current legislation. It calls itself the Party for Change, Vegetarians and Vegans and the ‘3’ in the party’s title is meant to represent the diversity of life.

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“It is most decidedly not just a plant-based group,” confirms Jennifer Nielsen, Federal State Chairman of the V-Party3 in Hamburg, “although establishing a plant-based diet for all German citizens is a party policy, we essentially believe that no animal deserves to die, and so it is a vegan, not a plant-based group.”

V-Party3 has the main goal of making the slaughter of animals illegalby 2030, a goal all vegans can only dream of achieving.


The party currently holds a small percentage of members, currently at 1,600.

It is, however, growing exponentially, and has achieved in growth in one year what other parties have only managed in twenty years. “At present, two percent of the German population is vegan and over 10 percent is vegetarian,” insists Nielsen.

“And this is growing all the time. Until now, there has not been a party that can properly represent them or address climate change so fully. We felt these people needed to have a voice.”

“If and when V-Party3 is elected, then it will be because the voice of the German people is requesting such a change, and so there will be a readiness and an understanding of it in society,”

The party’s policies are unsurprisingly very different to what is seen in many party’s manifestos, however, would be a welcome change to the common legislation currently in place.


The five most important policies of the V-Party3 are:


The introduction of the Agraragenda 2030 which stipulates, among other issues, a country-wide bio-vegan agriculture, no genetic modifications, the banning of the slaughter of animals, the abolition of daylight saving.


Among other measures, a new unconditional basic wage to all German citizens, both employed and unemployed, creation of community centres for children and the elderly, modernised schools with smaller class sizes.


Healthcare is to be funded by taxes and supplied when needed, without private health insurance companies. Euthanasia is to be considered an individual’s right.

Foreign politics

An end to the export of arms from Germany and an open-borders policy for asylum seekers.

Resources and energy

Alterations to energy and its creation, such as the switching off of nuclear power stations, subsidies for the creation of clean energy and for private homes who wish to be off the electricity grid.

Energy supplies to be decentralized so that resources can be stored more efficiently, and a ban on the import of dirty energy from neighbouring countries. V-Party3 also calls for higher taxes on the use of fossil fuels, and for free public transport for all.

They would be sure to get my vote!

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