The Power Of Vegan Social Media

vegan social media

Social media is SO important. We use it to get our news, talk to our friends and interact with complete strangers over common interests. We’re spending more and more time everyday on social media. Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. These are all huge at the moment. It made me think. Just how important is social media for the vegan movement? Well, simply put, vegan social media is perhaps the strongest way forward to convert more people to a vegan lifestyle.

Sharing things on your Facebook, making Youtube videos or uploading a photo to Instagram are all ways for you to easily interact with your friends or followers.

Through comments and directly posting things relating to a vegan lifestyle, you’re shoving your beliefs in other peoples faces. That’s great. We’re bombarded everyday with hundreds of advertisements for meat and dairy products.

vegan social media
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Sharing a couple of infographics or videos about the benefits of veganism is the LEAST we can be doing. So let’s do it!

Once you’re engaging with people and opening their eyes to the benefits of the lifestyle, it’s only a matter of time before someone drops you a message asking for support, more information or just to say thanks. Ask almost any vegan and they’ll have a similar story. The more active you are on social media, the more stories like these you’ll have.

This is why vegan social media is so important. We can reach hundreds or thousands of people and have in depth conversations about topics. Helping to convert people, rapidly.

The thing here is that they’re not having to spend time reading books and researching. All the information is easily accessible in social media streams, in forums and in documentaries. In the space of an hour or two, you have all the information you need to make the change.

vegan social media

Once the seed’s planted in someones mind, there’s hundreds of vegan groups on places like Facebook. Direct people to these and it just creates a snowball effect. The more knowledge and awareness someone has about veganism the more they’re going to realise it’s the ONLY way to live the rest of their life.

So what should you do?

Post regularly. Argue with people, show them they’re wrong. Disrupt their conventional thinking and start being the catalyst for change. If you convert say three people while you’re vegan that’s incredible. Those three might go on to convert another three people and again and so on. If everyone’s doing that, we’re talking about thousands of people.Three people every time is modest.

The only way change is going to happen fast enough is if we challenge as many peoples beliefs as possible. Social media is the only way everyone can have a rapid, positive benefit to the communities around them.

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