Pret a Manger Vegan Options Drive Up Sales!


Pret a Manger is leading the way in terms of offering vegan options, with wraps, sandwiches and even mac and cheese on offer! Not only is this great for those eating the Pret a Manger vegan options, its also turning out to be brilliant for the chain. Sales have soared by up to 11%! 

Vegans and vegetarians aren’t the only ones to thank for this increase in sales, according to Pret many customers are in fact meat eaters, who are starting to explore and enjoy the vegan options they have to offer.

Research by the chain found 52 per cent of Veggie Pret customers typically eat meat but are trying to cut back in order to be healthier.

pret a manger vegan options

Pret says that part of this surge in sales is the publics growing taste for coconut milk. While soy and almond have been options for a while, many find coconut goes really well with teas and coffees, with coconut overtaking soy in terms of sales.

Fantastically, Pret have also said that 20% of their sales of porridge are now vegan!

Research by Pret found that people are starting to explore vegan options for a number of reasons, mainly a concern for health, the environment, and the well being of animals.

pret a manger vegan options

Pret a Manger vegan options leading to a rise in sales is the exact reason why how we spend our money is the best form of activism. These vegan options wouldn’t be around if there wasn’t a gap in the market for them, and it has demonstrated that veganism is here to stay.

It’s not acceptable anymore to simply offer a falafel sandwich and ignore the needs of vegans. And it’s really wonderful to see that it’s not just vegans enjoying these amazing options. By making vegan options enjoyable and accessible to all, its the perfect way to plant that seed in their mind, and encourage them to make the change.


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