Are Pret A Manger’s Vegan Options Disappearing?


Now I’m not bashing Pret. They’re great. This is more a disappointed parent kind of approach I’m taking. I’m not angry, I’m just becoming more and more disappointed.

Pret seemingly started the vegan revolution in high street ‘grab-and-go’ stores. First they announced their vegan and vegetarian line. Next, their awesome vegan christmas options came. Then they opened their exclusively Veggie Pret and have now recently opened the second in Shoreditch.

The problem I have is that although they might’ve been one of the first to make these drastic changes, it feels like their effort is dwindling.

Over the Christmas period I went to 4 different Prets, all within around a mile of each other in central London. A few in busy train stations and one or two in high-street areas.

Not one had a vegan option. It was pretty disappointing as I thought I’d always be able to rely on Pret for a quick and easy sandwich (or two).

Not to worry, maybe the supplier/delivery was delayed for that area.

Fast forward a month or two and on three separate visits to the Pret in Leeds train station, again, no vegan options except maybe a small pot of soup. Where are the sandwiches and all the other goodness we know and love?!

Over the last week, Pret have announced vegan brownies and a few other products that will be available nationwide. Again, this is incredible news but I can’t help but think a little more effort needs to be put back into to ensuring a decent sized range of vegan products available in all stores.

Pret have certainly inspired change in high-street stores, fast food outlets and restaurants. They’ve successfully shown that there’s a huge demand for vegan products and that it’s not going away anytime soon.

WHSmith, Boots, Tesco, Zizzi’s and plenty more chains have begun embracing veganism with open arms. Bar Zizzi’s none of those have caused a stir and received as much attention as Pret did when they launched Veggie Pret and their vegan line of products.

Let’s hope Pret continue to put effort into ensuring there’s always a vegan option no matter the store or location.


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