Pro Skater Launches Vegan Converse Shoes

kenny anderson vegan converse

Kenny Anderson, a renowned professional skater, has partnered with Converse to launch a vegan line of shoes.

The collection is called the “Cons X Chocolate Kenny” and comprises of cotton clothing and three unisex shoes made from recycled canvas and animal-free glue that feature organic cotton laces.

Lewis Hamilton goes vegan after watching What the Health.

Anderson hosted launch parties for the new collection in Paris and Los Angeles, where he ensured that the only food served was vegan.

Anderson told VegNews: “I am not vegan by default, I am vegan for very strong reasons.”

kenny anderson vegan converse

The professional skater had been vegetarian for six years previous to going vegan.

He ended up making the switch to veganism after realising the huge environmental impact consuming animal products has and the desire to be more compassionate towards animals.

“I want animals to live and die naturally,” Anderson says. “We can give more to this earth than we take.”

According to VegNews: “Anderson hopes his new Converse line sparks an ongoing conversation regarding the use of animal products for athletic wear among skaters and shoe brands.”

“It’s all a part of aligning my actions with my values,” Anderson says. “It was important for me to not have my signature on any product that is against what I believe in.”

Items in the collection start from $40 and can be found here.

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