Professional Football Player Heals Bowel Problem With Veganism

The Rangers player has been following a vegan diet for three years.

russell martin

Professional football player Russell Martin has gone plant-based to help relieve the Ulcerative Colitis he has suffered from for much of his life.

The Scottish international player has just signed for Rangers and has suffered from the bowel condition for eight years.

Martin has revealed that he began a strict vegan diet three years ago, in order to remain well enough to continue playing as a professional footballer.

He told the Scotsman: “I’ve found something that works for me… It was a full-on, strict vegan diet for a long time. Now, I’ll have a bit of fish every now and again. It depends how I feel, if I’m getting enough in. I won’t eat meat again, unfortunately, it’s one of my triggers.”

The Rangers player also told the Scotsman that as a result of his plant-based diet, his body fat is the lowest it’s ever been, and that he physically feels very well.

Martin isn’t the only footballer who has made a switch to a plant-based diet in order to aid performance.

Notts County player Shaun Brisley has described himself as feeling fitter than ever and much less lethargic after going vegan.

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