Quorn Reports HUGE 16% Surge In Sales

Quorn plans to become a billion-dollar business by 2027.


Quorn is now on its way to becoming a billion-dollar brand after seeing its revenue rise 16% over the past year.

The veggie brand made $205 million in revenue over the last year, reflecting the surge in meat-free diets.

A Quorn spokesperson said: “We are eating far too much meat and with the population set to increase to 11 billion by 2050, we need to reduce our meat consumption and eat more protein sources that have a low impact on the planet, now.”

Expert Expects Dairy Industry To Vanish Within 10 Years

The brand recently expanded their vegan options in the UK, releasing two new vegan deli slices. 

Chief executive Kevin Brennan said: “Around the world we are seeing a significant increase in meat-reduction diets, including both flexitarianism and veganism. Choosing to eat Quorn products is a mindful choice to care for your and your family’s health, and also for the health of the planet.”

“What is exciting for us is that Silicon Valley firms keep talking about what they are going to do, while we, a great British innovation, are already delivering it having now served over four billion meals since launching.”

Other plant-based companies have reported similar growth while the meat and dairy industries continue to suffer as plant-based eating is on the rise.

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