Quorn Set To Double Production To Meet Demand


The meat-free brand Quorn is set to double their production in order to meet rising demand for the products. It comes as meat-free diets have surged in recent years.

The company announced that global sales in the first half of 2017 were up by 19% with sales in the UK also rising by 15%.

Veganism is currently experiencing a bumper period and online trends and Google searches reflect that.

Quorn Chief Executive, Kevin Brennan, said: “We’re actually tracking ahead of expected growth. We’re very pleased with the breadth of growth around the world; strong UK as well as growth and general progress in US and other international markets.”


As part of their planned growth, Quorn will now invest hundreds of millions of pounds into upscaling the business. Specifically, a £150 million investment into their facility in Teeside will see production increase, as well as the addition of 300 new jobs which will also help boost the local economy.

They plan to further increase infrastructure and hope to become a billion dollar brand within the next ten years.

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