Rainn Wilson Wants Indonesia To Ban Dog Meat

Wilson went vegan back in 2017.

rainn wilson

Vegan actor Rainn Wilson, best known for his portrayal of Dwight Schrute, has taken to Instagram to talk about the horrific slaughter of dogs for meat in Indonesia.

Wilson publicly went vegan back in 2017, talking about his decision to cut animal products out of his diet on late night talk show ‘Conan’.

Within his post, he stated; “In honor of Oona, my 16 year old pit bull, I’m supporting the #DogMeatFreeIndonesia campaign with @HSIGlobal. In Indonesia, over 200 dogs are KILLED EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY for their meat. Take action now: hsi.org/stopthecruelty.” 

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The Humane Society International (HSI) has already saved hundreds of dogs from slaughter across countries such as South Korea.

HSI’s petition urges President Joko Widodo to end the dog meat trade in Indonesia. They write: Every year, millions of dogs are brutally captured and transported throughout Indonesia for the dog meat trade.”

“Many are stolen family pets and illegally trafficked dogs collected from the streets and rural communities.” 

Although there is demand for dog meat in Indonesia, the majority of the population (93%), do not consume it.

If you would like to join Rainn Wilson and thousands of others who want to see the end of the dog meat trade in Indonesia, make sure that you sign the petition here. 

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