Is Raising Vegan Children Wrong?


There seems to be a whole lot of controversy from omnivores regarding vegan couples raising vegan children, with some stating that it’s wrong to raise a child based on your personal beliefs.

Imagine you’ve been vegan for many years, your partner is vegan too, and you believe so strongly in this lifestyle that you’ve committed to it for the rest of your lives. How on earth are you then expected by society to raise a child in a way that goes against all of your beliefs? In an unethical and environment-destroying way? It simply won’t happen. To say that raising a child vegan takes away their choice to be vegan, how does every other single family raise their children? They make decisions for them based on what believe will be best for their wellbeing, both now and in the future.

vegan children

Do you think religious parents are told they are wrong for raising a child in a religious home? Or that those who get their kids to take part in sports at a young age are cruel? Parents want to do what is best for their children, and this includes having an influence over what they eat. A young child doesn’t care that they’ve never eaten meat or animal products before, just take a look at a multitude of vegan children, all thriving and exceptionally happy with their lives. Who is anyone to judge their parents if they are happy and healthy?

It’s wrong and hypocritical to dictate to people that you don’t even know on how to raise their children, especially if you’re telling them to do so in a way which they view as inherently wrong. There is nothing extreme with raising your children in a compassionate and cruelty free home. You’ll be setting them up for good health from the start, as well helping to minimise the impact of a growing population has on the environment.

raising vegan children

Raising vegan children mean they are also much more likely to make healthier food choices as they grow up. Never having been given lazy McDonalds or pizzas when cooking wasn’t an option as a child, they’re far more likely to develop taste palettes beyond their years, and be pining over goods such as tofu instead of nuggets.

You raise a child based on your own beliefs. Period. You choose what they wear, where they go, what school they go to whether you like it or not, and you strongly influence the person that they become. There is nothing cruel nor wrong with choosing what food they eat also, especially when you’re raising vegan children to eat the healthiest and most compassionate food on the planet.


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