Are You A REAL Animal Lover? Probably Not.

animal lover

Are you a real animal lover?

Over 56 billion farm animals are killed each year. Are you a part of that? Some people argue that you can still be an animal lover even if you’re happy to pay someone to kill hundreds of animals a year for you.  Is a dogs life as valuable as a cow? Is your own life as equal as your cats?

To some people eating meat and owning a dog is okay. But in reality it’s not.

It’s sad that people can value one life over another.

Valuing the life of a dog more than that of a cow is identical to saying you value the life of a woman more than you do a man.

are you an animal lover

Speciesism is happening everyday.

The main problem is that people don’t want their current beliefs and what they think they know to be right, to be challenged. They want to be told they’re doing the right thing.

And society will stay like that until enough people break the mould and realise. It’s happening. More and more are realising the hypocrisy of valuing one life over another. We’re seeing more compassionate vegans every day.

You can’t love your dog but pay for the slaughter and torture of animals.

Everyone is compassionate deep down. Show them a video of animal being slaughtered and you’ll see them wincing with grief and sadness. Society has brainwashed us to think this is normal and ‘the way of life’.

animal lover

Show a kid an apple and a bunny. You will NEVER see a child sink its teeth into the rabbit. Every time they’ll eat the apple. That’s because we’re all born compassionate.

The violence, destruction and carelessness is forced upon us by our parents, friends and family. Society.

It’s doesn’t need to be this way. Everyone has the power to change the world by choosing compassion and becoming plant based.


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