‘Real Vegan Cheese’ Created By Scientists

real vegan cheese

Vegan cheese sales are booming, and more people than ever are looking for delicious dairy alternatives. Although coconut and soya make up the majority of vegan cheese, scientists believe that they have formulated real vegan cheese, that will blow others out of the water.

Real Vegan Cheese want to create vegan cheese so good, that even dairy lovers won’t be able to tell the difference.

“Through synthetic biology, we engineer our yeast to become milk-protein factories. Our milk proteins are then combined with water and vegan oil to make Vegan Milk which is ultimately converted into Real Vegan Cheese through standard cheese-making processes – just like cheese made from cow or goat milk!”

By following the traditional process of cheese making yet emitting the dairy, they hope to be the future of vegan cheese.

real vegan cheese

Real Vegan Cheese are proud of using methods that have never, and will never, exploit an animal in any way, and they are extremely proud of that.

They believe that their way of making cheese is not only more ethical, but also much more sustainable than regular cheese making processes.

“We live in an unsustainable world. The cheese we eat today is produced by commercial dairy cows which, though they produce delicious milk and cheese, have an exceptionally large carbon footprint.”

Sadly, Real Vegan Cheese is nowhere near ready for retail, and they need some help from the public to get to that point.

They are still in the Research & Development stage right now, with their IndieGogo campaign helping to fund the necessary work to bring RVC to our shelves.

It may be years until we get to try this amazing vegan cheese for ourselves, however, if you’re interested, make sure to help them out in whatever way you can, and keep an eye out for them in the future!

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