Report Reveals Animals Suffered In 3.94 Million British Experiments


The Home Office’s Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals Great Britain 2016 report has revealed some harrowing statistics from 2016.

The report outlined the number of animals who were tested on in the UK alone. The figure topped 3.94 million and was made up of a variety of species.

Australia is set to ban animal cosmetic testing.

These procedures included:

  • 2,866,435 experiments on mice
  • 26,186 experiments on guinea pigs
  • 15,431 experiments on rabbits
  • 8,948 experiments on horses and other equids
  • 4,932 experiments on dogs
  • 3,569 experiments on non-human primates

The animals who are poisoned, drugged, mutilated, and killed in British laboratories all feel pain and fear, just like we do, but experimenters continue to treat them as disposable tools rather than intelligent, sensitive beings.

While some of the public are realising the horrendous nature of animal testing, there are still many who refuse to give up cruelty-free products. It’s this demand that means brands have no reason to change what they’re doing.

The most effective way to stop animals being tested on is to boycott the brands that do it.

Many of the animals are shipped or transported from Africa in tiny wooden boxes with no food, water or comfort. Many major airlines have begun refusing to transport animals deemed for testing, however, Air France are still one of the large airlines that enables the cruel trade.

If this were a pet or domesticated animal you’d be criminally charged with animal abuse. If we say it’s for the use of testing or human ‘need’ then you can do any and all of the worst forms of torture imaginable.

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