Why Vegans Don’t Respect You Eating Meat

respect you eating meat

I am a very respectful person. I believe you should be free to practice your religion in peace with no judgment, be free to dress however you wish, be the gender you truly are and be with the person you love, no matter what gender. The one thing that I have no respect for, is the dietary choices that are made that directly go against what I strongly believe in. I will not respect you eating meat.

My choices about my diet do not cause pain or suffering onto any living being, it’s that simple. My dietary choices are easy to respect, as nothing is harmed by my actions or my beliefs. However, an omnivores diet leads to the death and suffering of thousands of animals. Respect you eating meat? This is NOT something that I can do.

respect you eating meat

I respect your ability to make choices about your life, and I respect that you have made this choice, but I profoundly disagree with and do not support your decision to eat animal products.

When your choices have a direct impact on another living being, that’s when it cannot be respected. Just like you wouldn’t respect someone’s choice to start forest fires or throw rubbish into the sea, I can’t respect your choice to consume animals and their bodily secretions.

respect you eating meat

THIS is why vegans can be so vocal about what they believe in, your lifestyle choices directly go against what we so strongly believe in, and you ask us to respect that you do that? You ask us to be okay with the fact that you don’t care a being dies for your own pleasure? How fucked is that?

You are free to live how you wish, but it’s downright offensive to ask a vegan to be okay with the choices that you make, when those choices are so harmful. To be honest, half the time we couldn’t give a flying fuck about what you do in your free time, we care about the beings that your choices affect, and how it’s cruel and unfair to ask for recognition for your terrible decisions.

A lot of people say, “I respect that you’re vegan, but you should respect my choice not to be”, and on the surface a statement like this makes sense. We should respect and appreciate one another, and in every other aspect of life I agree with this. When choices affect others though, this does not apply.

respect you eating meat

It is easy for you to respect me being vegan, I do not harm any beings and I do not contribute to things like methane emission or extreme water consumption to feed livestock. My decision does not harm you, nor anyone else.

So what about your choices?

Your choices however, not only go against everything that I stand for as a vegan, an environmentalist and a decent human being, but they also affect animals lives as well as the environment. If someone said they poured oil into the sea for fun because ‘they liked it’ and it brought them pleasure, would you respect that decision? That’s how you should look at the situation. Why should I respect you eating meat?

Your actions are (sadly) legal and allowed to take place, but for fucks sake, don’t ask to be respected or given a fucking trophy for thinking you’re in some way superior to other animals and for selfishly wanting to consume their flesh. If you wouldn’t respect someone who sets fires for fun, don’t ask for respect for your harmful choices either.


  1. This is why people hate vegans.
    Your dietary choices do not make you superior, no matter how much you may wish it to be so.
    They do, however, apparently make you smug and annoying.
    Animals eating animals is part of nature. It’s the food chain. Accept it.
    You seem like the kind of person who would make her cat miserable by trying to make it eat tofu.

    • How kind Joe, fortunately I haven’t been slapped yet, as people have more brain cells than you and can control their emotions and actions.

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