Response To MINA; Djokovic Turns Vegan


I’ve read some pretty shitty articles in my time, but the Macedonian Online’s recent piece labelled ‘Djokovic turns vegan’ is probably one of the worst. 

Apparently, because Djokovic has lost some weight, it is entirely down to his change to a vegan diet, and that he should “throw a light steak on the barbie”. Sure, that red meat is definitely the way to achieve optimal health and fitness performance…

Whoever wrote this appalling article also claims that his poor performances over the recent months are also down to his diet. Is there anything you can’t try and blame veganism for?

djokovic turns vegan

Even the comments are dire.

On a serious note, it’s crazy that a prof. athlete who burns calories like crazy would attempt to be Vegan. WTF!? You’re just asking for trouble.

Yep, the articulate readers of the Macedonian Online seem to believe you can’t be a high performance athlete and vegan at the same time.

Shall we now take note that the Williams sisters eat a predominantly raw vegan diet? Yet, they’re some of the most decorated female athletes of all time.

djokovic turns vegan

There are endurance athletes who burn more calories than Djokovic by a mile, all who are vegan. Why does being vegan mean you clearly don’t consume enough calories?

There’s Mac Danzig, MMA fighter, Salim Stoudamire, US basketball player and Brendan Brazier, endurance athlete, just to name a few successful vegan sport stars.

The best way to sum up how awful and ridiculous this ‘article’ is, is the closing line of their piece.

…or you can go vegeterian and start eating lamb.

Vegetarian spelt incorrectly, and I honestly don’t know if the reference to lamb is a joke or not.

Djokovic turns vegan, true, but the claims in this article are wild, childish and unsubstantiated. If whoever wrote this honestly believes you need meat and dairy ‘to keep your health intact’, then you shouldn’t be allowed to publish on the internet.


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