Response To The West Australian, Full Of Vegan Hate


Veganism has really taken off this 2016, which is good not only for the animals and the environment, but also for peoples health. Yet, apparently this isn’t enough for a journalist at The West Australian, whose misinformed and hate inspired piece on veganism is utterly ridiculous.

Katrina Stokes writes that teens are being “fed pressure” to go vegan, arguing that “young, uninformed, impressionable teenagers” don’t know the true consequences of going vegan.

Yet, these same impressionable teenagers are day after day being fed adverts for KFC, milk, McDonalds and meat, but it’s the idea of eating plant based foods that is damaging to their health?

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Katrina also argues that;

It’s a movement being fed by peer pressure from friends, social media, bloggers and celebrities.

Clearly, this is a woman who has no idea about veganism, and the reasons why people will choose to go vegan. I don’t know a single person who went vegan as a result of ‘peer pressure’, including my 17 year old sister. We make informed and ethical decisions, and live a lifestyle that causes the least damage and is as healthy as possible. The movement is being fed by the realisation of the public that their food was once alive, and deserves their right to live.

Her knowledge on nutrition is also severely limited.

We’re talking about young bodies that are still growing. This includes bones that need dairy, bodies that need protein, iron and vitamins and brains that need sustenance for thinking and studying and for important exams. It’s not a time to be limiting food groups just for the sake of being cool or because everyone’s doing it.

Bones need calcium, not dairy. Yes calcium can be found within dairy, but it is also found within a wealth of other plant based foods. The protein, iron and vitamins are essential, yet once again can be found within plant based foods extremely easily.

the western australian

If Katrina thinks that veganism is about limiting food groups for the sake of being cool, give Earthlings a watch and then come back to me.

Katrina then moves on from her misinformed nutritional claims to unleash her personal vendetta against vegans, calling their lives a “boring, tasteless existence”, with veganism being “rammed down kids throats”. Classy choice of publication, The West Australian.

Does this look boring and tasteless to you?

She claims that this ramming of veganism down kids throats comes from Instagram and Facebook. By this, does she mean the likes of Deliciously Ella and other users who advocate a plant based yet fulfilling and enriching diet? It’s helpful that she seems to forget that these sites most popular users such as the Kardashians and Trisha Paytas, regularly put up posts encouraging detox teas, burgers and eating shows.

She also claims that “Christmas is just not Christmas without glazed ham or juicy turkey topped with lashings of gravy from the gravy boat that gets used once a year”, and wonders what vegans will be eating this Christmas.

For a start, they’ll be eating delicious yet cruelty free food such as this.

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the western australian

And in regards to that glazed ham and juicy turkey, take a minute to remember where it actually comes from.

I would recommend to Katrina and The West Australian that next time they choose to write and publish a factually incorrect and delusional article, they do their research before embarrassing themselves further. Her bold claims and wild accusations hold no ground, and her personal disregard for veganism seems to be built on nothing but blatant ignorance as to why people are vegan in the first place.

Tell your friend whose kid has turned away from chicken nuggets to veganism a big well done, instead of feeling oddly sorry for her. Instead of eating hormone and antibiotic filled pieces of flesh, she can eat these versions instead.

Katrina, did a vegan say mean things to you as a kid? Do you just need a hug? Perhaps you’re just wearing blinkers to hide from the realities of where your food comes from. Watch Earthlings and Cowspiracy, then you might feel differently about this “boring, tasteless existence” us vegans seem to live.

The West Australian can do much better than this rubbish, so stop sticking your head in the sand and publishing opinion pieces that are so blatantly misinformed and offensive to vegan readers. Where’s your concern over diet teas, waist trainers and eating challenges, all brought on by social media too?


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