Review: Amy’s Vegan Pizza

amy's vegan pizza- buy vegan food in singapore

There’s no hiding from the truth, I always have and always will be a pizza lover. Frozen, home made, delivery, you name it, I’ll eat it. So going vegan and severely restricting how much I ate Pizza was a little hard at first, until I started to discover that in fact I had nothing to worry about. Amy’s vegan pizza is there to fill the gap.

I remember the first time I saw an Amy’s vegan pizza on sale, I literally had to triple check that it did in fact say vegan, and that I wasn’t hallucinating in the freezer section of Cold Storage. You know veganism is making an impact when vegan pizza is not only becoming available at many restaurants, but being made to enjoy at home. This never would have been possible even 5 years ago.

amy's vegan pizza

The pizzas are a little smaller than regular non-vegan pizzas, however I find they’re a bit more dense too so always leave me feeling full. I’ve been lucky enough to try two of Amy’s vegan pizzas, however here I’ll be reviewing the Spinach Pizza Rice Crust.

It admittedly took me a few trials to see what was the best way to cook this pizza, as on the first few attempts I didn’t put the oven on the right setting, and the cheese didn’t even begin to melt. However, I FINALLY realised that my oven actually has a pizza setting, and then the magic really happened.

amy's vegan pizza

Vegan cheese is known for its temperamental attitude towards melting, but Amy’s vegan pizza really did the trick. Cooking the pizza for twelve minutes on the high pizza setting left the cheese perfectly melted, as well as with those small cooked bits on top you always get with regular pizza.

The pizza cut well and didn’t fall apart, unlike some other brands I’ve tried, and the base was nice and thick meaning that when you pick it up it doesn’t just flop about looking sad and limp.


I chucked some Fry’s Family Sausages on top just as an experiment, and they taste awesome so long as you make sure not to cut them too thin, or they just dry out and turn into a weird kind of biscuit-y thing.

I must have bought this Amy’s vegan pizza at least 5 times now, and each time I cook it it seems to get better and better. Even when the cheese doesn’t quite melt, all the flavours are still really strong and the rice crust gives an interesting alternative to regular bread crusts. If you used to be a die hard pizza fan, this may get a bit of getting used to, but is a fantastic first step into the world of frozen vegan pizza, and making veganism accessible to all.

  • Vegan Cheese That MELTS!


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