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cannondale caadx

Although I didn’t set out to buy the Cannondale CAADX, the tragic (and annoying) theft of my Saracen Tenet led to a case of desperate online shopping. When I bought this bike, I had only been cycling for a handful of months, and still wasn’t ready to commit to spending a lot of money on a bike. Luckily, for a mere £549, I was able to get what I believe to be one of the best entry-level bikes on the market.

cannondale caadxcannondale caadx

For starters, it doesn’t look like a cheap bike. Disc brakes, a sleek design and 32 cross tires, make it look a strong bike, that can be taken through the works before showing any sign of wear. I wacked on some thinner road tyres a few months later, and it worked as good on the road as it did off.

The Sora group set works flawlessly, which when you’re only a few months into cycling is more than good enough. The 11-28 cassette and 50-34 chain ring are easy enough to spin on grass and other off road terrains, and transition well onto the road for your journey home.

cannondale caadxcannondale caadx

One of the key things I was looking for as a new rider was most definitely comfort. Being a female cyclist, I often find seats painfully uncomfortable, and frames too big, but for ordering online this was an unbelievably good find. The Cannondale CAADX saddle may not be the sleekest in design or light, but it is very comfortable, which for me was enough. The frame was a tiny bit too large, but the reach wasn’t too far nor was it too far off the ground.

It’s not the lightest frame in the world, but then again cross bikes aren’t designed to be feathers that float across the sky.

Disc Brakes for the win

The defining feature of the Cannondale CAADX, has got to be its disc brakes. Although only mechanical and not hydraulic, I found them to be flawless. I could go through leaves, mud and torrential rain, and my brakes would still work as if I was riding on a flat, dry road.

Extremely comfortable, disc brakes I can’t fault and very good value for money, there is not one reason that I wouldn’t recommend the Cannondale CAADX as an entry level bike for a new/ developing rider.


  1. Hi Lydia
    Thank you for the review, i found it very helpful. Can you tell me if you are particularly tall? As this is a mans bike i am a little hesitant of that. I am 5’7 so a middle height

    • Hiya! I’m glad you found it useful, I’m 170cm so about 5ft 7 too, I didn’t have any issues with it but the reach was a tiny bit long so the only thing I would change would be the stem (but I don’t think I will as it’s pretty much fine)!

      • what’s the actual size frame? and do you know the weight, you say it’s not light but also not heavy, that doesn’t really say much. I would appreciate if you could answer these questions, I’m after the 2017 version (as 2016 is out) but I’ve not ridden a mens bike before and am trying to find the correct size

        • Hi Ann. The actual frame size I bought was a 54cm size. I dont know the exact weight however it is about 10kg. I’ve only ever ridden men’s bikes and found them to be much better value for money!

          • Thank you. I might go for the smaller size then. It’s true that womens bikes are usually more expensive for the sake of being dedicated to women, but on the hand they are worth it, different size frame, no need to change anything, and they come with saddles designed for women. If you can find a women’s bike on sale that’s probably going to be your best buy ever. That’s how I got my roadie, I’ve been out on long rides and never felt any discomfort, for the first time I feel as if the bike and I are a perfect fit. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great choice in womens cyclo-x bikes as if women were not interested in being efficient both on and off road. I said I’ve never ridden a mens bike but in fact all were so called unisex, which in reality are still more suited to men and none have ever felt as good as on the one I have now, so I’m a bit weary of how it may be… One more question, I don’t see any but has the bike got eyelets for pannier bags and have you ever tried attaching any load to it?

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