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cookies and scream

I only found Cookies And Scream relatively recently, however I have now been there 4 times in about 2 months. You know it’s worth it when you travel to Camden from Kent just for a taste of their mouth-watering vegan deliciousness.

What is it?

Located right in the heart of Camden Market, Cookies and Scream is all about the kind of desserts you dream about late at night.

Imagine cookie and doughnut ice cream sandwiches and jam and peanut butter cookies, to milkshakes with floating cookie dough inside, and cry tears of joy.

We have had so many wonderful visitors this week that we have exhausted our supply of ice scream. Please come real early today for any shakes and scream sandwiches as we expect to be sold out. Please remember we are a tiny hole in the wall bakery with only a small amount of storage. We love how so many of you visit us every single day and we hope to serve you an alternative treat if we have sold out of your favourite.❤️❤️thank you Evie for finally visiting us X #Repost @evie_orphan (via @repostapp) ・・・ This lived up to every fantasy and expectation I had of this. Had also been drooling over pictures of @cookiesandscreambakery for the past 4 years and it did not dissapoint. 😍😍😍😍😍

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As well as being vegan, all of their goodies are gluten-free too!

It’s a pretty basic set up, with a few bar stools and a counter. There are tons of spots around Camden to eat though, and it’s just like every other stall nearby.


Price wise, I would say it’s definitely worth it. Camden is a pricey area anyway and for vegan + gluten-free food this is very reasonable.

Cookie and ice cream sandwiches are only £3.00, with doughnut ice cream sandwiches being the priciest (£4.50) item. From personal experience, that £4.50 will be the best you have ever spent.

cookies and scream

Before I went vegan I would eat every pastry and baked good in sight. So now when the opportunity to eat treats like this is rarer, I savour every sweet second.

As I learnt the hard way, one item will probably be enough. We were bold enough to order a milkshake to go with our food, and were moments away from throwing up vegan ice cream all over the tube. However, if you’re feeling bold, eat to your hearts desire!


I’ve now tried the peanut butter and jam cookie, brownie, chocolate chip cookie, pecan doughnut, cookie milkshake, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter brownie and a rocky road concoction. I warned you I was a fan!

Out of all of these, the pecan doughnut and the peanut butter and jam cookie do it best for me. The doughnut is everything that I love, fluffy and sweet with the crunch of the pecans added on top. The sweet sauce on top blends perfectly with the ice cream and leaves me in a mini food coma.

💗#Repost @morekale (via @repostapp) ・・・ @cookiesandscreambakery 😻😻 top notch as always.

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The cookies are so sticky and soft, exactly what I love. Not at all dry and not too sweet either, I could eat these all day, every day.

The only downside I can think of, is that it some items can be a little too sweet after a while. I wish I could eat everything in sight, but my stomach honestly couldn’t handle it.

However, since when has things from a bakery being too sweet been a bad thing? For me, it’s a love hate feud with the sweetness.

It’s important to get down there early in the day if you want a full selection, as they do sell out quick. I was so desperate for some things before they shut that they saved me what was left behind, and I bought the lot! For that, their customer service is flawless.

Cookies and Scream; not just for vegans

I have brought 4 non vegan family members here and all 4 loved it. This shouldn’t simply be known as a vegan bakery, just a bloody good one.

I crave their food for days after visiting, and I think from now on every trip to London will require a quick detour here. I only have love for this place!

  • Love, love, love


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