Review: DHB Flashlight Bib Tights

dhb flashlight bib tights

I swear my life to DHB, and buy their stuff religiously. So when it came to winter and my legs were no longer ready to face the cold air, I went for the DHB flashlight bib tights, in an UK 10. At £49.99, their cheap price and eye catching design was a win-win combination.

I’m about 5 foot 7, and the UK 10 was great. It’s a bit of a stretch to get the straps over my shoulders, but once they’re there they don’t feel too tight or stretched at all.

They’re also a nice length, just above the ankles and equipped with zips to make getting them on and off much less of a chore.

dhb flashlight bib tights

They come up really high on the chest, making it look a bit like a wetsuit. This means it basically doubles as a base layer too, perfect for when it’s really chilly outside.

The reflective patterns are possibly some of the best that I’ve seen. Really high quality and EXTREMELY reflective! These will catch the eyes of everyone in low light, and makes you feel much safer when riding.

Although there are many positives to the DHB flashlight bib tights, there are unfortunately a few cons too.

dhb flashlight bib tights

First off, the chamois isn’t quite right. It’s okay, but it seems to be really wide, coming down the thigh a bit. This means that it tends to bunch up on the saddle and get really, really painful in certain spots.

The colour is also quite light, which I like, but paired with the big chamois leaves you with the worst looking camel toe you can imagine. Not an issue when you’re riding, but not the best look at cafe stops.

dhb flashlight bib tights

I also don’t find them quite as warm as my leg warmers, and the cold air can get through them. They’re not fleece lined however, and don’t sell themselves to be.

However, my overall judgement of the DHB flashlight bib tights is pretty high. They’re not the best quality bib tights out there, but they’re cheap, reflective, and just what I was looking for. They’re great for shorter rides, and are a good first pair of bib tights.

They don’t sell these exact pairs anymore, but they do have thermal versions available here!

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