Review: DHB Women’s Clothing


The first jersey I ever bought was DHB, and the most recent I bought was DHB. The DHB Women’s clothing range is only getting stronger, and I have been a die-hard fan since the start.

When you first get into cycling, one of the most intimidating things is the sheer cost of equipment. You suddenly need a whole new wardrobe full of things you don’t tend to know stuff about.

dhb women's clothing

I don’t know about you, but when I first started riding, there was no way in hell I was spending over £30 on a jersey.

So there I was, wearing an ultimate budget pair of bib shorts and a jersey. Not to forget my DHB socks to finish the outfit. They weren’t the most stylish or comfortable, but they were a start. A very affordable start.

For me, DHB women’s clothing range is like my safety blanket. I know their stuff is good, and I know it’s always great value. Maybe that’s why I’ve bought another 2 pairs of bib tights and 2 more jerseys!

My favourite DHB Jersey

With each purchase, the amount I spent went up also. First, I went for a comfier pair of shorts. The difference and extra £10 makes is astonishing. Then came an even comfier pair of shorts.

For the price of two very decent DHB shorts, I could have taken a gamble with one expensive other brand. No thanks, I like sticking with what I know.

The next jersey I bought was the Blok, and it is my all time favourite. Bright and fashionable, the fit is also extremely flattering.

My only gripe is that the arms could be a little tighter, but for only £30, I really can’t complain.

DHB ASV Race Jersey

The DHB Women’s ASV Race Jersey was my next purchase, and by this point I really deserve a loyalty card. Now this is a brilliant jersey, and also a complete steal.

Made from the THINNEST material I have ever seen, and cut just like a racing jersey, this takes value for money to the next level.

Skin tight on the arms and unbelievably lightweight and breathable, this is the perfect climbing or racing jersey. When you stand straight, the front is a tad short, but as soon as you’re on the bike, it’s flawless.

Sure DHB may not be known as the most fashionable brand out there, but it’s seriously hotting up the competition.

dhb block

Gone are the days of basic and crappy designs, and in come the good stuff. They’ve spotted a huge gap in the market for cheap yet trendy cycling clothes, and they are dominating it.

Will I stick with DHB women’s clothing?

Out of all of my kit, 90% is from the DHB Women’s clothing range. In all honesty, I expect it to stay this way too.

It is almost always the cheapest choice when shopping on Wiggle, and I also tend to find it the most stylish. DHB, keep up the fab work.

  • As affordable as it is gorgeous

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