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doughnut time

I love doughnuts. I’m not talking about that simple sugar sprinkled nonsense, I love those loaded with enough icing and glazing to make a diabetic weep. So after being told that Doughnut Time always have vegan specialties in store, there was no way I wasn’t going to take a trip.

The menu changes weekly, so my fingers were crossed that there would be some on offer that I actually like. If it was lemon flavoured I may have broken down in disappointment.

The vegan fox, completely blew my mind

Yet, low and behold, they were my two favourite flavours. Red velvet (OMFG) and chocolate glazed. No sign of citrus flavours in sight thank god.

There is plenty of warning online that Doughnut Time do often sell out, but luckily when I went at about 2pm there was still plenty of each flavour.

Although the other flavours weren’t vegan, I really hope that the success of selling vegan flavours encourages them to try some more. Because honestly, I will go out there and say that these were the best doughnuts I’ve ever had.

The ‘Sia Later’, red velvet with freeze dried frozen strawberries

Screw Krispy Kreme and forget Dunkin, these were perfect. Decadently covered in sprinkles of pistachios and freeze dried fruit yet still having that rustically baked touch, they ticked all of the boxes.

I’m still a tad skeptical of vegan chocolate as I don’t like it too dark or rich, yet this icing was flawless. The doughnut was glazed underneath making it even sweeter, and the chocolate was milky and smooth.

The red velvet wasn’t at all sickly, an issue I’ve had with this flavour before. The dough was fluffy and light, and the buttercream on top some of the best I’ve ever had.


There is no way in hell that you could give these doughnuts to a non-vegan and they’d notice the difference. I don’t know what they used to replace the milk and eggs, but they could so easily transfer this to their other flavours.

If you can make vegan buttercream icing that good, you can do anything.

These were so good I ate them one after the other for breakfast, and I don’t regret a single thing.

Is the price of Doughnut Time worth it?

At $6 each, they’re not cheap. Yet, they’re the same price no matter if they’re vegan or not, yay! I also think that these are beyond worth the price that you pay.

doughnut time

Sure Dunkin is a whole lot cheaper but that crap tastes like cardboard compared to this. The doughnuts are also HUGE! The icing and topping is generous and you will have a big fat grin plastered over your face the whole time you eat it.

Thank you Doughnut Time for including not one but two vegan options into your weekly menu, we appreciate and love you for it!

P.S., please include some more weekly flavours, even the non-vegans will enjoy it as much as we do!

  • I wish I could give this 6 stars!

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