Review: Giant Defy 1 Disc

giant defy 1 disc

Having only been riding a year, I wasn’t sure if it was justifiable buying my fourth bike, the rule of n+1 clearly taking ahold. However, a few weeks in to owning the Giant Defy 1 disc, and I have never been more glad of splashing the cash.

I say splashing the cash, in reality it was only £800 from Rutland, so hardly something to lose sleep over. For this, you get mechanical disc brakes, 105 gearing, an 11-32 set up and an Aluxx frame.

Definitely not pro stuff, but for a sturdy, winter bike that would be more nippy than my cross yet safer than my road bike.

It came, and it is gorgeous. Bright blue paintwork really makes it stand out, and it looks just as good as Giant’s more expensive options. The only hindrance however is the white bar tape. As expected, it’s already filthy. Easily replaceable though!


I REALLY suffer from saddle soreness, as do most women. Yet, I can honestly say that the Giant saddle that comes with the Giant Defy 1 is comfier than my Selle Italia female specific saddle.

The comfiest saddle I've used!
The comfiest saddle I’ve used!

A similar shape to most Fizik saddles yet cushiony too, I was really impressed with how this felt. Especially as the Giant saddle that came with my Giant TCR was unbearably uncomfortable, and that was about 3 times the price.

The geometry of the bike makes it truly comfortable to ride, your position isn’t aggressive and the tape is thick enough to keep your hands comfortable even without gloves.

How it feels to ride:

The first thing I thought when getting on this bike, was that it didn’t feel like an £800 bike at all. It responds quickly and is quick off the mark, even though it is aluminium.

The disc brakes are the perfect example of why they should be on all bikes. As good in the wet as they are in the dry, I’m much more comfortable riding on this than any of my other bikes.

giant defy 1 disc

They do however feel like they take a while to wear in, but only a few rides max. I also found that my gears needed tuning after only 150km, but this was simple to do.

Giant knows what’s popular and what its customers want, having the Giant Defy 1 disc come as standard with an 11-32. No one wants to be grinding up hills, and brands are starting to realise that. If I didn’t live in hilly Yorkshire I’d probably stick with these, but I think an upgrade to an 11-40 is coming. Nevertheless, thanks Giant for adapting with the times!

Is the Giant Defy 1 Disc worth it?

For the dirt-cheap price of £800, it is above and beyond worth it. Comfy, fast, and perfect for UK autumn/winter, this is one bike you will never regret buying.

For reference, I’m 5ft 7 and bought a Medium.

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