Review: Giro Solara Cycling Shoes

giro solara

Although since I started riding I’ve gone through 4 bikes, I’m only on my second pair of shoes. My most recent pair, are the Giro Solara cycling shoes, and I paid a measly £50 for them. How do they fare, and should you be wary of the cheap price?

Performance and fit:

These shoes are surprisingly stiff! They RRP at £100, however, I haven’t seen anywhere charging that price since I bought them on sale over 9 months ago.

Even if you look at them as £100 shoes, they are still very high value for money. They’re stiff, so you lose less power when pushing through the pedals, hug your feet and keep you comfortable for hours. The arch support is medium, but I have very high arches and am considering inserting an insole.

It comes with the velcro straps you’d expect with cheap shoes, however, the Giro Solara also comes with a ratchet system too. This means you can really strap your feet in nice and snug.


giro solara

I did find that they come up rather small. I’m a UK size 6/7 and ended up buying a size 8. These are a perfect fit, and there’s no way I could fit any smaller.

I also have very narrow feet, and think those with wide feet may struggle.

The venting is also very good, keeping you cool on ‘hot’ days, yet not too cold on the cooler days.


I really think they look good! My previous pair were budget Shimano shoes, and when you compare the two the Giro’s are clearly better looking.

They are stiff around the edges, meaning they hold their shape even after hundreds of miles of riding. The colours are also simple, something I really appreciate. Not all women’s shoes need to be pink or purple, and Giro understands that!

They have a slight shine to them, in my opinion making them look more expensive than they really are.

giro solara


These are CHEAP shoes! I bought them for £50, and some sites are selling them for as low as £30!


I really do love these shoes. They look good, feel comfy, and are great for the level of cycling that I do. If you’re not willing to take out a small loan for a pair of shoes yet want to race and ride faster group rides, these are perfect. Women’s specific shoes, with a fantastic price. Would recommend these to all female cyclists.


    • Everyone is able to get the hang of cycling shoes eventually. It just takes a bit of time to practice the process of clipping in and clipping out. Some people get the hang of it after just one ride whereas some people take a couple of weeks. The best thing you can do is ride around a quiet road or carpark practising the technique of clipping in and out. The benefits of having cycling shoes are huge and you’ll notice a big difference in how much easier riding becomes once you’re wearing them! Hope that helps 🙂

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