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gokul vegetarian

I ADORE Indian food. Before I went veggie, I was unadventurous and unwilling to try new things, but now I’m vegan I take any given chance to try out as many dishes as possible. This is where Gokul Vegetarian steps in. I accidentally wondered across their smaller store at Fortune Centre and fell in love, but my trip to the restaurant in Little India was what sealed the deal.

Chicken Rice.

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Priding themselves on having a large menu, they do not disappoint. Page after page of mouth watering food lies in front of you, with at least 90% being fully vegan. Aside from the paneer dishes, almost all is dairy free!

Trying to pick what to eat took a while, but I eventually went for a masala dosa, potato curry puff and Sambar rice (just a small snack really), with my boyfriend going for the Mutton Fried rice and Aloo Gobi. First thing I noticed when the food came, were the beautifully large serving sizes. The sight of rice piled high and HUGE servings of vegetables warmed my heart, and when you love Indian as much as we do, made for very happy diners indeed.

Gokul Vegetarian food at possibly our favourite of all vegan restaurants in singapore

Our feast!

The curry puff was the only small part of the meal, but it was only $2 and it tasted pretty damn good so I let that slide. The dosa was perfection, not too oily and the pancake lightly fluffy, with the sauces that came with it deliciously addictive. Although I did love the Sambar, I found one of the kinds of vegetables a little tough, having to pick them out of mouth every now and then. The portions were so huge I took half home to have for lunch the next day, and even then they tasted as good as the first time around.

My boyfriend adored his Mutton Rice, he’s not a fan of spicy food, but the dash of spice made it exciting enough to be enjoyed even by those with the most sensitive mouths. When the food is as cheap as it is, with the mutton rice costing only $8.50 for a portion size that few would be able to finish. If you’re like us and couldn’t quite hack the whole meal, just ask to take what’s left away and enjoy it when your cravings hit again, which they most certainly will.

Gokul Vegetarian Conclusion

Gokul Vegetarian focuses on showing veggie Indian food doesn’t need to be bland nor boring, something that they surpass greatly. Being a vegan does limit menu choice when eating out, but Gokuls menu length makes it up completely. Spoilt for choice, with the likelihood that whatever you order will be delicious, there’s a reason Gokul Vegetarian has been around for so long and so dearly loved by many.

  • Love, love, LOVE!

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