Review: Gore Cycling Jacket

gore cycling jersey

Spring is (finally) around the corner, but it’s not quite warm enough to get away with just arm-warmers. I got my Gore cycling jacket way back in November, and have made it through about 3 months of cold Yorkshire winter. So, how did it perform?

All in all, this jacket did exactly what it said on the tin. Part of the Gore Windstopper line, it truly did keep off the winter wind. Even without arm warmers underneath, on almost all of my rides I felt toasty and warm.

Although not 100% waterproof, it was also good enough for typical winter showers. I also found that as it was so good at keeping me warm, even if I did get wet, it didn’t necessarily mean I was cold. It is only a soft-shell after all, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it fared in the rain.

One aspect of the Gore cycling jersey that I’m yet to use are the detachable arms. When removed, it turns the jacket into more of a gilet, something that I’ll likely use in the upcoming spring months.

Style wise, I think it’s great. It’s clearly a women’s jacket yet isn’t tacky at all. I went for the blue design, and there’s not a flower or hint of pink or purple in sight.

The contrast between light and dark blue is very pretty, and there’s enough reflector strips to be seen without looking like a landing beacon.

I bought a US small (Asia medium), however for me it’s personally a bit baggy. I love my cycling clothes tight, and this jacket is just on the brink of being too big. However, that’s just a personal thing, and I think it’s a brilliant jacket in every other aspect.


The only major downside with this Gore cycling jacket is the price.

This RRP’s at £149.99, and I think this is definitely overpriced. I managed to get it in a sale at about £80, which makes it much more reasonable, however there are similar jackets on the market for a much smaller price.

I’m pleased with my purchase, and know it’s of a high quality so will last for many winters to come. However, next time I do need to buy a jacket, I may look outside of Gore, and see what cheaper options are out there.

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