Review: Green Wednesdays @ YO! Sushi


YO! Sushi is currently offering 20 vegan and vegetarian dishes at just £2.30 each, in an offer they call ‘Green Wednesdays’.

Aside from the occasional takeaway tofu katsu curry, I have always been a complete YO! Sushi virgin.

Although I had walked past dozens of times, mesmerised by the conveyor belt filled with little plates of deliciousness, I had never managed to venture past the front door.

That was until we were invited to give their ‘Green Wednesday’ offer a go. I had heard from friends that YO! Sushi was pretty vegan-friendly, but apart from the tofu curry, I had no idea what was on the menu.

Green Wednesday means you can choose from lots of little dishes, instead of committing to one large one. For the worlds most indecisive customer, this proved to be fantastic.

You can choose the Green Wednesday dishes on the conveyor belt, or order hot food straight from the special menu.

We started with a plate of Edamame Beans, followed by some Cucumber Maki Rolls. I’m not a huge fan of seaweed, but the rolls weren’t too overpowering, and I found them pretty enjoyable.

The first nori rolls I’ve ever enjoyed!

For our hot dishes, we ordered pumpkin katsu curry, edamame and spinach gyozas, Vegetable Chahan (a form of fried rice) and Vegetable Yakisoba.

I’ve had lots of delicious vegan katsu curries in my time, but the Pumpkin Katsu Curry at YO! Sushi is a strong contender for the number one spot (watch out Wagamama).

yo! sushi
The pumpkin katsu curry

The pumpkin is so soft and sweet, with the pumpkin taste being strong but not overpowering.

I’m not normally a huge lover of pumpkin, but the texture and gorgeous flavours have changed my mind.

The gyozas were just how I like them. Deep-fried, crispy, and without mushrooms! For me, the easiest way to ruin a perfectly good gyoza is to fill it with huge chunks of mushroom, and YO! Sushi has avoided that critical mistake.

Unlike the fried pumpkin, this does feel a little greasy and heavy, but they’re so delicious it’s easy to ignore. (Who needs abs anyway?)

The Vegetable Chachan and Yakisoba were both flavoursome and enjoyable, but sadly sat in the shadow of the glorious pumpkin curry and the gyozas.

Friendly staff, delicious food and tons of options for vegans, I can’t believe I haven’t been to YO! Sushi before.

As made clear by our multitude of empty plates, we truly enjoyed our first YO! Sushi experience, and will be back soon to enjoy even more cruelty-free deliciousness.

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