Review: Loving Hut Bangkok


A bike race in Bangkok led us looking for some food that wasn’t just vegetable fried rice (thanks to westernized hotels), and led us to Loving Hut Nonthaburi.

In the slap bang of bloody nowhere, one overpriced cab charge later we found Loving Hut thanks to the numerous signs pointing us towards one of the shopping malls that look like the kind you see in the news that have suddenly collapsed and killed everyone inside, inside though was beautifully clean and decorated.

Having been to Loving Hut in Singapore we knew we would be safe with whatever we ordered, so decided to go for pad thai, soy fried rice, fried vegetable balls, spring rolls and some kind of crystal noodles with spy chunks. Oh, not to mention the two slices of chocolate fudge cake and a slice of banana cake at the end to finish it all off.

The vegetable balls were addictively moreish, with a taste I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It strongly reminded me of something I’ve had before, with the filling being more of a mock meat than vegetables, with a crispy fried coating. The dipping sauce was okay, but tasted much better when the balls were dipped in the spring roll sauce. The spring rolls were perfect, exactly what I was looking for, and a generous serving sauce, non greasy and filled with a variety of veggies.

The Soy Rice with our veggie balls on a stick

The soy rice was probably our favourite of the main courses, with tofu mixed in and leading me to remind myself that this is definitely vegan and not the egg that it so strongly resembled! Once again, nice large plateful of rice, flavourful and fragrant, I’m not a large lover of tofu but I really enjoyed how it was included.


Sadly the Pad thai was pretty average, the mock meat was a tad too slimy and flavours were okay, we finished it all but would probably try something else next time! The crystal noodles were perfect, heaps of veggies included and a mock meat that resembled a form of sausage, was just the right amount to finally fill us both up.

Leading to the desserts, oh my lord, the desserts. I went for the banana cake with cranberries, neither dry nor too greasy, this was a little bit more like a victoria sponge than banana, and was yummy but not the best that I’ve had.

You MUST try the chocolate cake!loving hut cake

loving hut cake

Looks like regular, average cake, right? WRONG!

My boyfriend got the chocolate fudge cake, and after trying a bite of his I immediately knew that I had made a grave, grave mistake. It looked as if it would be overly rich, and I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but this was flawless. The fudge icing on top and in the middle was creamy and thick, and the sponge was soft and spongy, with the two working together to create a cake that would stand up against any non-vegan version. Loving Hut, you never disappoint.

Our total bill was a mere 540 baht, just over $20SGD. Not bad for 3 delicious mains, 2 sides and 3 desserts!

Amazing value for money, on the whole perfect food, and a super clean restaurant with friendly staff. It’s got to be 5/5 for Loving Hut Bangkok!

  • The Cake Makes This Flawless

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