Review: Mildred’s Restaurant Camden


Family meals out as a vegan can be a war zone. Luckily, a day out in London means that there are a multitude of places to pick from, in all corners of the city. My Aunt recommended Mildred’s restaurant, and we headed towards the Camden branch.

As you step in, it feels almost like an art gallery. Big bright windows illuminate the whole room, and the tables are tastefully decorated. Good start. The menu comes, and as it is a veggie/vegan restaurant I was expecting only a few vegan options. But oh no, everything par one item was vegan or had a vegan option available!

The sweet potato curry that will change your life

I finally decided on the veggie gyozas to start, with the Sri Lankan sweet potato curry for my main and a side of Chinese broccoli. The gyozas came, and oh my lord were they amazing. Sadly there was only 6 as I could have easily have eaten 10+, they were light and flavourful with a chilli dip to die for. The curry was just as incredible as the starter. Mildred’s, well done!

The sweet potato almost melted in your mouth and the sauce was rich and creamy, just as it should be. There was a tang of spice, but nothing my white girl palette couldn’t deal with, so everyone should be fine.

The Chinese broccoli turned out to be tender stem broccoli, which just so happens to be my favourite veg in the whole world. Covered in dark soy sauce and going perfectly with my curry, I couldn’t be happier. I did steal a few of my aunts sweet potato fries, and I regret not getting some myself.


A very generous portion of fluffy fries which just like those in my curry felt like they melt in your mouth. Not to mention the vegan mayo that came with it, I could eat this by the spoonful. By the way, Mildred’s restaurant also┬áserves the best mayo I have ever tried.


Somehow in my never ending cave of a stomach I still had room for dessert, so I went for the raw chocolate tart. Similar to a thick chocolate mousse, this is for those real chocoholics out there. The strawberry that comes with it helps soften the blow, but I would have liked a tad more strawberry. Otherwise, this was delicious. Not too sickly yet still packing in as much chocolate as possible.

Whether you’re veggie, vegan, or just looking for something different, there couldn’t be anything more perfect. Truly delicious food that will leave you seriously impressed, and right in the heart of Camden, Mildred’s is the perfect spot for some delicious veggie food.

  • Perfect food, location and atmosphere

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