Review: MRM Veggie Elite Performance Protein

mrm veggie elite

There’s nothing more natural for any lifter, athlete, exercise enthusiast or even the novice to the fitness world than to mix up a protein shake after a workout. With plant based foods being a top trend in 2016, it’s no surprise that plant based protein shakes have hit the market in an impactful way.

I won’t lie to you. Protein shakes do not have the best reputation in terms of taste, whether they are animal based or not, but plant based proteins really have a bad rap. MRM’s Veggie Elite Performance Protein seeks to change that. I get pretty picky about my proteins and rate them based on 4 key categories; the taste, the protein itself,  how well it blends, and price.

mrm veggie elite

The flavor I ended up trying is MRM Veggie Elite Performance Chocolate Mocha. You get a very natural chocolate flavor with a mocha that is just subtle enough to hit the palate. Other proteins I have had in the past go way overboard on the mocha flavor, but MRM finds the right balance here. What I like is their commitment to no artificial colors or flavors.

I keep my meal plan as natural as possible, so I appreciate that my protein shares my sentiment. In addition to being NON-GMO certified as well, MRM uses stevia as their sweetener. As a result, the final product is pretty sweet for a protein shake, but not so much it ruins the overall taste.

MRM uses a blend of pea and rice protein in their products. They do this to enhance the digestibility and I have to admit, there is none of that post protein shake bloat that I normally get from other products. At 24g of protein per serving, it sits just above the average of whey proteins at 22g of protein per serving. It is bolstered by a complete BCAA profile to aid in muscle recovery and growth plus digestive enzymes for easy absorption.

How well it mixes is the make or break for any protein shake. This is where I feel most plant based proteins are lacking behind their whey competitors. Either the protein does not blend well at all and you are stuck with slightly flavored water with your protein goo sitting on top of the liquid, or it blends just well enough to be considered one fluid but is gritty and sandy and you do what you must to get it down. MRM Veggie Elite has the ability to be blended in spades. Normally I use a simple blender bottle, and found it to be a superb texture when mixed with eight ounces of water. To me this is where MRM’s protein shines since so many people are texture people when it comes to their food.

mrm veggie elite

Finally there is the price. $25.99 for their Performance Protein in a one pound tub is a great price. You can get it on amazon or directly off their site for that price. With many of the name brand plant based proteins hiking prices, it’s great to have a quality, all natural option in the lower price ranges of protein powders. You honestly cannot beat that price.

Overall, MRM puts out a quality product. It shines with its natural ingredients and high protein count per serving. Where it lacks is definitely the sweetness. In their defense, MRM does use stevia so technically this shake is boasting zero grams of sugar, but it is noticeable especially in the chocolate mocha.

For the price however, you really would be hard pressed to find a more deserving product of your business. I give MRM’s Veggie Elite Performance Protein (Chocolate Mocha) 4 out of 5 Broccoli Florets and would most definitely recommend it to my clients.

Geoff understands that to succeed in athletics or any other endeavor, the support and discipline a coach provides is second to none. A nationally Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a Sports Nutritionist, Geoff understands both sides of the wellness coin, diet and exercise, that will bring you towards your goals. Geoff has worked with all levels of fitness, from pro athletes to those recovering from injury and everywhere in between. Geoff Thomas is the Fitness Director and partner at X Factor Fitness. You can contact Geoff here (​ or head over to ​ for personalized workouts & nutrition plans sent directly to your mobile device via the X Factor Fitness app.

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