Review: Planet X Exocet 2

This is a picture of a Planet X Exocet 2
A dark green Exocet 2 glad in a TT specific crankset.

When looking at getting a TT bike I wanted to keep costs fairly low, so I wasn’t expecting much when I ventured into the market. For some reason most brands price their TT bikes at near on double what their road bike range is priced at- a trend which is set to stay while we pay the price for advanced aerodynamics. This lead me to the amazing Planet X Exocet 2, if you’re interested in getting a TT bike then this is one to seriously consider!

I found that with a number of big bike brands the frames alone for TT bikes were almost out of my budget, let alone the whole bikes themselves. As a result of this I came to the conclusion that I should buy a frame and build it up myself. While searching online I came across the Planet X Exocet 2, when I looked at purchasing, it was 50% off which meant the frame, seat post and fork came in at around about $500. This had me immediately questiong my own vision as $500 for a nifty looking TT frame seemed too good to be true and one thing that living in Asia has taught me is that if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Expecially when it comes to carbon frames.

The build

I already had some Mavic Cosmic Carbone’s for the wheels, I ordered the groupset and rest of the parts before the frame arrived, in fact the handlebars cost me the most out of everything (frame included) and even then they were still low level bars. The frame arrived and was built up with 3T bars, an FSA stem, an ISM Adamo saddle and Ultegra throughout. All for around just below $1500, already having the wheels played a big part in keeping costs down nice and low.

What I was left with was a stealthy looking TT bike for a number of duathlons and TTs I had planned coming up. Initially, it took time to get comfortable in the aerodynamic position but with a bit of stretching and some longer rides on the bike it quickly became a comfortable position.

The frame

The Planet X Exocet 2 frame is simply superb, super stiff carbon which means you know every watt is going straight into propelling you forward. Not only stiff, the frame feels fast, really fast. It looks aerodynamic and even more so it feels incredibly fast underneath you, compared to a road bike you can feel the difference the aero frame makes.

If you’re looking for a TT bike on the cheap then I’d strongly recommend the Exocet 2 and although it doesn’t come with a fully integrated cockpit or brakes that are tucked away much like the other TT bikes out there, it’s still an absolute steal for the price you pay.

The Exocet 2 comes in 5 different colours with 4 sizes available. To buy head over to The frame is priced at £500/$1000 and full build options are available also.

Final Verdict
  • Planet X Exocet 2


The Planet X is a superb frame with the only thing letting it down being the lack of integrated brakes and integrated stem/fork combo. Just misses out on 5 stars.

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